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Fiber laser technology arrives at Accurate Laser Cutting

Accurate Laser Cutting will now be able to reap the benefits of their latest technological investments & expansion plans thanks to the arrival of their brand new fibre laser cutting equipment.

The installation of the fibre laser machinery at their Oldbury premises will complete their £1.6 million pound investment package & make them the first manufacturing company in the UK to take ownership of a 6kW Bysprint 4020 Fiber laser from leading industry suppliers Bystronic.

The company, who specialise in laser cutting & Pressbraking, is also celebrating its 10th anniversary this year with a range of other breakthrough investments, including a £500,000 expansion plan that has doubled the size of their headquarters & the launch of a brand new dedicated pressbrake & quality check centre.

In an ambitious move that is likely to open up new markets and attract a wider customer base, their decision to invest in a 6kw 4020 Fiber laser aims to set new industry standards by offering their customers improved efficiency, previously unseen cutting speeds & the highest levels of precision.

The advanced cutting equipment has the ability to process 4x2m sheet metal both quickly & economically and will operate in conjunction with the opening of their recently new Pressbrake facility to offer customers a complete metal profiling service.

Jon Till, Director of Accurate Laser Cutting explained:

 “We have always made it our core priority to invest in the very latest production technologies and are proud to be the first in the UK to take possession of the 6kw 4020 Fiber laser from Bystronic.”

“The laser will boost our cutting capacity up to four meters & offer a significant improvement in our capabilities when compared against traditional Co2 cutting methods.”

He continues:

“Fibre laser cutting represents the future of the laser cutting industry as a whole because it increases the quality of the cut across a range of thicknesses and will drastically raise levels of productivity. We are particularly keen to diversify into the copper and brass market, as this is an area our competitors are unable to fully cater for without the power of 6kw fiber technology. We are now capable of processing thicknesses of up to five times thicker than our rivals who currently use Co2 laser equipment”.

As a result of their investment in fibre laser technology, Accurate Laser Cutting are now in a position to offer an increased thickness range to their customers which will now include, 25mm Mild, 25mm Stainless, 30mm Aluminium, 15mm Brass & 12mm Copper.

Accurate Laser Cutting are certain that their constant commitment to innovation will allow them to continue to manufacture components of the highest quality, provide the very best service levels for their customers & maintain a leading edge against their competitors.