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Laser firm invests in new machinery after record £2.5 million turnover

Oldbury based Accurate Laser Cutting Ltd, specialists in laser profiling and press-brake work, have recently invested £1million in three high powered machines to keep up with production demand after announcing a record £2.5 million turnover.

The firm has also recruited four new employees as part of their long-term expansion plans.

The new investments includes two Byspeed 6KW laser cutting machines costing £900,000 and one Amada 130 ton HFE press brake machine. They are renowned for being the best in the business for their high out-put speeds, enabling higher productivity rates.

Director of Accurate Laser, Jon Till, said: “We are proud of being part of the UK’s manufacturing resurgence and here at Accurate Laser Cutting we are certainly doing our bit. The recent investment in Laser Cutting and folding machinery has topped £1 million with a further £500,000 worth of equipment on order for our brand new Depot in Rotherham which will be opened later this year. This major investment places us in a strong position to service our customer’s demands and gives a solid platform in which to continue our roll out plan. The record turnover this year gives us more confidence in our business model and will assist in the company’s future growth which will come in the form of a brand new manufacturing depot planned for 2013.”

A new weekend shift is also being introduced at Accurate Laser Cutting to keep up with increased orders and serve their loyal and new customers effectively. Accurate Laser stands out from their competitors with their rapid turnaround times whilst delivering quotes in seconds. Quicker working practices and listening to the customers’ needs is what the firm takes prides in.

Mr Till added that one of the firm’s aspirations is to establish a depot in every manufacturing city in the UK.
Accurate Laser is proud to be part of the West Midland’s thriving manufacturing industry. Mr Till said that as confidence is restored and demands within the industry have increased, they are keen to ensure customer orders are as stress-free and seamless as possible. He also has faith in the UK’s manufacturing outlook against international competition, stating that the UK will always cater for niche markets.

The firm is aiming to reach a turnover of £3 million in the next financial year and are confident that their consistent dedication towards their wide customer base, first class services and passion within the industry will achieve this.